Chicken Breeds Can Be Divided into Four Main Types

The four main types of chickens are:

1. Egg Laying Breeds
2. Meat Chicken Breeds
3. General Purpose Breeds
4. Fancy Breeds

Egg Laying Breeds tend to come into maturity relatively early and so can often be laying eggs by 4-5 months old. They are not very likely to go broody and so lay eggs  steadily and in good numbers.

Meat Chicken Breeds grow large, and fast. Depending on their intended use (roasters, fryers etc.) they can be ready for the table by as young as 6 weeks old.

General Purpose Breeds are good all-rounders. They lay a good number of eggs, but also  have a bit of meat on them.

Fancy Chicken Breeds have some kind of fancy feathering such as bearded, crested and/or feathered feet etc. and were originally bred for showing.

Comparison chart for more than 60 breeds of chickens -
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